Delmar, Delaware-

Jordan Watson capped off his championship season with a victory in the 50-lap Delaware Dirt Track Championship weekend at Delaware International, cashing in a $7,000 payday with the gamblers fee.

That cushion was brutal. It was a demanding race track tonight, said Watson in victory lane. “I am just very proud of my team and have to thank everyone involved that makes this possible. Tonight, we raced with a lot of great talent and were able to come out on top.”

Watson started from the pole position after advancing to a redraw position from the qualifying events. At the drop of the green, Watson set a blistering pace with Ricky Elliott, Kevin Sockriter, Richie Pratt, and HJ Bunting scrambling for the top three.

By lap 15, Watson hit dense lapped traffic, with Elliott closing in on Watson’s rear bumper. A lap 22 caution would regroup the field, as third-place runner, Richie Pratt, headed to the pits, ending his efforts.

On the restart, HJ Bunting, piloting Brandon Blade’s No. 65, went around the top of Elliott, with Ryan Watt and Rick Laubach battling for fourth.

On an ensuing restart, Elliott regained the second position, with Bunting, Laubach, and Watt following in suit.

On lap 36, Carson Wright took a wild ride in turn four after bouncing off a large cushion and barrel rolling many times.

A single file restart would see Watson and Elliott simultaneously hit the cushion in turns one and two, with both gathering themselves back up without losing position. A circuit later, Elliott would succumb to mechanical failure.

With three laps remaining, Watson got out of shape in turns one and two after hitting the cushion, allowing Bunting to pull to the back of Watson’s bumper. Watson held off the late race challenge, outlasting Bunting, Laubach, Watt, and a rebounding Joseph Watson for fifth.

Ryan Krachun defeated foggy conditions and Rick Laubach in the 50-lap Small Block Modified feature event on Friday night.

Richie Pratt, Jr., appeared to be the driver to beat, starting from the pole position. Quickly into the event, dense fog layered the track. The drivers were polled and more than 60% of the drivers wanted to proceed with the event. Shortly after the race resumed, the foggy conditions began to lift.

A turn of events would happen on lap eight, as race leader, Richie Pratt, Jr., headed to the pits with a flat tire.

Rick Laubach would inherit the lead in the Ryan Kerr- owned No. 1K with Ryan Krachun following in suit.

By lap 9, Jordan Watson had climbed from the 16th starting position to third. On lap 13, his efforts would be futile, as a fuel pump belt broke, ending his performance.

At halfway, Laubach would hit heavy lapped traffic. Ryan Krachun navigated closely and was able to overtake the lead. Laubach ultimately continued to battle a front flat tire.

HJ Bunting, Jim Britt, and Ryan Watt were three-wide for third, with Watt ultimately taking the position.

Krachun would begin reaching lapped traffic with three laps remaining, continuing to flex his muscle as he captured his first Delaware Champ Show victory. Rick Laubach was unable to capitalize, finishing second, with Watt, Bunting, and Pratt, Jr. completing the top five.

Max Blair made the 8 ½ hour tow worth it, as he led wire to wire to capture the 50-lap Super Late Model feature event and $7,000 earnings.

It was Mark Pettyjohn who immediately showed his strength, diving to the second position on the first lap. Pettyjohn would not be able to manage the tall cushion and was overcome by the dueling husband and wife combo of Amanda and Ross Robinson.

The Robinsons would battle door to door for majority of the event, as Blair set a comfortable pace.

By lap 35, Blair hit heavy lap traffic, with Amanda and Ross Robinson closing to his rear bumper.

During the closing ten laps, front-runner, Donald Lingo, Jr. forfeited to mechanical problems.

Blair would go unchallenged with Ross Robinson, Mark Pettyjohn, Amanda Robinson, and Rob Schirmer completing the top five.  

Arguably, one of the most competitive races was the AC Delco Modified feature, seeing Greg Humlhanz capture his first Dirt Track Championship win after starting in the sixth position.

Trent Willey started on the pole position with immediate pressure from Scott Hitchens, Brad Trice, and Greg Humlhanz.

The trio swapped positions in second through fourth, as Willey continued to have competitors peek underneath him. On lap eight, a turn of events occurred, as Hitchens suffered a flat tire from contact.

By lap 16, Humlhanz had navigated to the second position and successfully completed the pass for the lead. Despite a variety of cautions, Humlhanz was unchallenged by Trice, Adam White, Willey, and a hard-charging Hitchens.

Trevor Collins outlasted a full-field and heavy contact in the RUSH Late Model feature event to take the victory. On the initial start, many competitors were collected, as Jason Dean spun in turns one and two in front of the field.

On the restart, all eyes were on Matt Hill who started in the tenth position and was driving the topside of the racing surface. By lap five, Hill was on the outside of Collins for the lead. A few circuits later, Hill would spin coming out of turn four and take a hard shot by Cody Dawson who had no where to go.

Collins held off the last-lap challenge from Max Blair to capture the victory. Mike Wharton, Derek Magee, and Joe Warren completed the top five.

Jason Musser collected the Modified Lite feature event, with James Hill, who completed triple duty over the weekend, finished second. Tim White, Ryan Charland, and Ray Gulliver completed the top five.  

Chris Martinez was victorious in the Delmarva Chargers division, with Robert Smith winning the Delaware Super Truck event.

Joe Tracy continued his hot-streak winning the Little Lincoln feature. Roscoe Clough and Todd Miller won in their respective Vintage divisions.

Delaware Dirt Modifieds: JORDAN WATSON, HJ Bunting, Rick Laubach, Ryan Watt, Joseph Watson, Brandon Grosso, Jim Britt, Stan Frankenfield, Rick Regalski, Ryan Charland, Bobby Watkins, James Hill, Bruce Gsell, Austin Hubbard, Ricky Elliott, Carson Wright, Jordn Justice, Clay Tatman, Craig Moore, Richie Pratt, Jr., Kevin Sockriter, Ryan Simmons, Michael White, Tom Solderich, Scott Hulmes, Brett Ballard, David Shirk, Tim White

Small Block Modifieds: RYAN KRACHUN, Rick Laubach, Ryan Watt, HJ Bunting, Richie Pratt, Jr., Joseph Watson, Jim Britt, Ryan Riddle, James Hill, Rick Regalski, Michael White, Ryan Charland, Dave Shirk, Tom Moore, Jr., Jordan Watson, Carson Wright, Adam White, Tom Solderich, Troy Ale, Robert Dutton, Brett Ballard, Brian Sadler, Scott Hulmes

Super Late Models: MAX BLAIR, Ross Robinson, Mark Pettyjohn, Amanda Robinson, Rob Schirmer, Sparky White, Kerry King, Nick Davis, David Pettyjohn, Donald Lingo, Jr., Robert Paczkowski, Jr., Trevor Collins, Michael Wilkins, Cody Lear, DNS: Roy Deese, Jr.

AC Delco Crate Modifieds: GREG HUMLHANZ, Brad Trice, Adam White, Trent Willey, Scott Hitchens, Westley Smith, Justin Grosso, Matt Peck, Brandon Watkins, Richie Walls, Duane Rust, Pete Serra, John Stevenson, Jeff Marker, Erik Mattson, Justin Riley, Michael White, Matt Hawkins, Jimmy Dallett, Sean Metz, George Richardson, Erik McKinney, David Jenkins, Bryan Brobst, Brad Roberts, Shane Kassekert, Greg Reed, DNS: Tim White, Dale Hawkins, DQ: Rocky Whitley

Modified Lites: JASON MUSSER, James Hill, Tim White, Ryan Charland, Ray Gulliver, Caleb Sturgis, Kirk Miles, James Wood, Chris Sockriter, Jesse West, Rick Wheatley, Jacob King, Kenny Ayres, DNS: Ronald Halloway III

RUSH Crate Model: TREVOR COLLINS, Max Blair, Mike Wharton, Derek Magee, Joe Warren, Amanda Robinson, Kerry King, Jr., Billy Thompson, Jason Dean, Charles Schawver, Nick Davis, Cody Lear, David Smith, Mike Wilson, Robert Smith, David Dill, Brandon Sturgis, Logan Zarin, Joe Pete, Jerry Barker, Mike Ralighe, Matt Hill, Cody Dawson, Ben Scott, William Brent James, Timmy Booth, DNS: Zac Weller

Delmarva Chargers: CHRIS MARTINEZ, Robert Paczkowski, Chris Carroll, Ashley Merritt, Randy Merritt, Paul Gary, Joey Wilkerson, Geoff Carey, John Bailey

Delaware Super Trucks: ROBERT SMITH, Matthew Smith, Jerry Hill, Mark Townsend, Ryan Effold, Jason Nibblett, Clay Vincent, James Woods, Trent Marine, Ronnie Holloway, Dick Beauchamp, Bill Dean, Michelle Jackson, Dale Elliott, Zack Phillips, Nate Benson, Thomas Jackson, Tristen Townsend, Kirk Miles, Sr., DNS: Jesse West, Adam Smart, Cory Sapp

Little Lincolns: JOE TRACY, Sean Smith, Kirk Lawson, Bryan Piercy, Matt White, Bunky White, Scott Calhoun, Jordan Herbert, Wayne Seaton, John Wothers, MJ White, Eric Reed