HAS Big Block Modifieds Twin 20’s Taken by Watson & Watkins

HAS Big Block Modifieds Twin 20’s Taken by Watson & Watkins

HAS Big Block Modifieds Twin 20’s Taken by Watson & Watkins

June 22, 2019

By Bonnie Nibblett

Delmar, DE – The Hurlock Auto & Speed Big Block Modifieds at the Delaware International Speedway held a Twin 20 Saturday night producing two different winners, Jordan Watson and Brandon Watkins. The night was beautiful for racing, and although the night was drawn out by a slew of cautions, the racing was still competitive and great in every field that took to the track. 

The first Twin 20, Scott VanGorder started on the pole, but Howard O’Neal quickly took the lead. Jordan Watson, who started third, would quickly come charging towards O’Neal, taking the lead as the cars rolled through turn two on the charge lap. JoJo Watson show his strength again by claiming second by the end of lap two after starting sixth. On Lap three the yellow would wave for David Shirk as he stops just outside turn two. On the restart competitors would race to the flag stand for lap 5, and HJ Bunting got a good start and to try and stay even with Jordan. Bunting would take the lead on lap six, but Jordan would quickly take it back on lap seven in turn four. The two rode wheel to wheel on lap eight until Jordan took the lead back on lap nine. After lap nine, Jordan would begin pulling away as Bunting and JoJo battled for second. Bunting would start working the high side and JoJo the inside, it was close but no cigar for Bunting as Jo Jo would outlast him for second.

Heats were won by Jordan Watson and Howard O’Neal.

Results: Jordan Watson 18, JoJo Watson 30, HJ Bunting 85, Shawn Ward 7W, Howard O’Neal 09, Matt Hawkins 38, Robert Dutton 888, Kevin Sockriter 55, Scotty VanGorder 17, Jordan Justice 94, Dave Dissinger 88X, Brandon Watkins 4W, Ryan Riddle 31, Craig Moore 75, DNF: Kevin Gardner 71, Dwayne Crockett 99, David Shirk 14S, Clay Tatman 2T

Brandon Watkins Claims First Career Big Block Win In The Second Twin 20

For the second Twin 20 the field was completely inverted from the finish in the first race. Ryan Riddle was on the point, and Brandon Watkins started second. Jordan Watson would start 14th, but had worked his way to ninth by lap two. The fight was on with HJ Bunting, Jordan, and brother JoJo, as all three were three wide on lap five as they worked their way around turn two. Jordan was able to find the fastest groove and continue on in his march to the front. On lap 10 in turn two JoJo found trouble in turn one, he gets around bringing out caution, and he would head to the pits with a flat tire. The Blue Hen Team went to work on the 30, and Watson was able to make it back to the track with the field half way through the restart. At the restart it was still Riddle leading the pack with Watkins, Kevin Sockriter, Matt Hawkins, and Dave Dissinger rounding out the top five. Riddle and Watkins would continue to fight side by side for the lead with Watkins taking the helm shortly after the halfway sign. By lap 13 Hawkins grabs third with Jordan fourth, and by lap 15 is third by the end of turn two. By lap 16 Watson would claims second, and set his sites on Watkins. However, time would run short, and there would not be enough laps to challenge Watkins who would prevail as the winner. 

Results: Brandon Watkins 4, Jordan Watson 18, Matt Hawkins 38, Ryan Riddle 31, Kevin Sockriter 55, Dave Dissinger 88X, HJ Bunting 85, Howard O’Neal 09, Shawn Ward 7W, JoJo Watson 30, Scotty VanGorder 17, Jordan Justice 94, Robert Dutton 888, Dwayne Crockett 99, Craig Moore 75, DNS: Kevin Gardner 71, David Shirk 14S, Clay Tatman 2T

Donald Lingo Jr. Makes It Two In A Row In The S R Pete & Son Late Models

Donald Lingo Jr, would pick up his second win in a row in the super S R Pete & Son Super Late Model 20 lap feature. Amanda Whaley once again looked to be the winner until misfortune of a right rear flat on lap 11 in turn four, and took out her stellar performance. 


Whaley would start on the pole after the redraw, and would lead until misfortune struck, but Lingo kept the pressure on during those laps as they were door to door for several laps with Whaley edging him out and starting to pull away by lap eight. On lap six Austin Hubbard stops in turn two, and at the same time Roy Deese Jr rolled to a stop on the back stretch. Hubbard would rejoin at the end of field while Deese was on the hook ending his night. On lap 11, Whaley’s misfortune struck with the flat to once again bring out the caution. She would return to finish the feature, but the story had been written once Lingo had taken the lead.

Heats were won by Dylan Evans and Amanda Whaley.

Results: Donald Lingo, Jr. 55L, Dylan Evans 80, Mark Pettyjohn 8Ball, Kevin Scott, Jr. 12K, Herb Tunis 5, Austin Hubbard 11, Amanda Whaley 4, Bob Geiger 38, David Dill, Jr. 24, DNF: Roy Deese, Jr. 05, DNS: Rob Schirmer 118

Scott Hitchens Makes It Two In A Row In The AC Delco 15 Lap Feature

Adam White would start on the point at the drop of the green, but would be quickly challenged for the lead as Scott Hitchens used the inside line to take the lead by turn one. As the leaders set down into turns one and two it was Mike White that took third while Jeff Brown and James Hill battled for fourth. Brown and Hill would switch back and forth for several laps until Hill finally claimed the fourth position. At the half way sign it was Hitchens, Adam White, Mike White, Hill and Greg Humlhanz. The field would continue to battle for position, but they would find themselves in the same spots when the checkered flag flew. Heats were won by Michael White and Hitchens.

Results: Scott Hitchens 65, Adam White 15, Michael White 43, James Hill 1, Greg Humlhanz 10, Jeff Brown 9B, Trent Willey 17T, Sean Metz 05, Danny Smack 25, David Jenkins 09, Tom Moore, Jr. 59, George Richardson 42, Westley Smith 98, Tommy Wilkins 5, DNF: Gary Simpson 12K, Jeff Marker 18, Freddy Massey 32M      

Veteran Tim White Grabs His First Checkered Flag of 2019

Another night of racing, another winner in 2019 for the Modified Lite division. Tim White, would lead the field to the green in the 15 Lap Modified Lite feature event, but would have to be up on the wheel with last weeks winner, Ray Gulliver hot on his heels. Gulliver and White would challenge each other for the majority of the race with Gulliver grabbing the lead on lap three until White was able to regain the top position on lap six when Gulliver ran into trouble. On lap seven when the green flag dropped White would regain the lead and never look back for his first win of the season. 

Results: Tim White, Jason Musser, Donnie Spicer, Aaron VanVorst, Jake Nelson, Ray Gulliver, Brian Gladden, Jerry Barker, Wesley Smack, Caleb Sturgis, Curt Miles Jr. DNF – Kyle Hathaway, Kirk Miles 

Jerry Hill Wins The Delaware Super Truck Feature

Chris “Tippy” Martinez Picks Up The Delmarva Chargers Win

Bill Dean would start on the pole at the green with Robert Smith quickly taking the lead. By lap four Jerry Hill had claimed second after starting sixth. On lap eight Hill and Smith touch going into turn three with Hill taking the lead. Mike Kennedy and Geoff Carey battle for secon until both had trouble later and pulled into infield.  Hill would stay out from on his way to winning the feature.   

It was an emotional win for “Tippy Martinez” on Saturday night. A win that would see Martinez a little emotional climbing out of the car and going on to say “The track was good, thanks to all my sponsors, I hope I can get this out. It’s my mom’s birthday, its been 12 years since she passed, this is for the memory of my mom. This is by far one of my greatest wins.”


June 22, 2019

Top 5’s

Delaware Super Trucks:
1. Jerry Hill
2. Ryan Efford
3. Kirk Miles Sr.
4. Dick Beachamp
5. Dale Elliott

Mod Lites:
1. Tim White
2. Jason Musser
3. Donnie Spicer
4. Aaron VanVorst
5. Jake Nelson

S.R. Pete & Son’s Super Late Models:
1. Donald Lingo Jr.
2. Dylan Evans
3. Mark Pettyjohn
4. Kevin Scott Jr.
5. Herb Tunis

HAS Big Block Modifieds / Race #1:
1. Jordan Watson
2. Joseph Watson
3. H.J. Bunting
4. Shawn Ward
5. Howard O’Neal

Delmarva Chargers:
1. Chris “Tippy” Martinez
2. Derek Swafford
3. Robert Paczkowsky
4. Thomas LeCates
5. Randy Merritt

AC Delco Modifieds:
1. Scott Hitchens
2. Adam White
3. Michael White
4. James Hill
5. Greg Humlhanz

HAS Big Block Modifieds / Race #2:
1. Brandon Watkins
2. Jordan Watson
3. Matt Hawkins
4. Ryan Riddle
5. Kevin Sockriter &