Jordan Watson picks up Big Block Win!

Jordan Watson picks up Big Block Win!

Jordan Watson Picks Up His First HAS Big Block Modified Win Of The Year
Saturday Nite At Delmar And First Photos With New Son

June 15, 2019
By Bonnie Nibblett
Delmar, De…..Jordan Watson gets the job done this week to claim his first HAS big
block modified win of the year at Delmar. Watson would start 6 th at the start but
with no laps in yet, 3 cars tangled in turns 1 and 2 with Scott VanGorder getting
up and over ending his night before it started. On the second start, Shawn Ward
would lead with Robert Dutton, Kevin Gardner, Watson and Jo Jo Watson all
buying real estate for 2 nd position. Dutton took second in turn 2 while the Watson
Boyz were wheel to wheel for third. Dutton took the helm on lap 6 in turn 2, while
Jordan on the front stretch took second lap 7. Lap 10 Jordan grab the inside line
to take lead in turn 1 but Dutton retook it back in turn 2. At half way Dutton still
leads with Jordan in tow. Matt Hawkins makes a right hand turn into the pits with
some smoke coming from the car on lap 14. Jordan took the lead on lap 15 from
Dutton. Jo Jo would set his sites on Dutton for second but Dutton was too strong
and maintained second place. The heats were won by Dutton and Ryan Riddle.
Jordan said in victory lane “Robert was really great tonight. Charlie moistened the
track backup on intermission just enough. We made some changes and went back
to some old set ups and it worked. I want to thank Brian Hall for letting me drive
the car. Thanks to S R Pete & Sons for all they do for the track and being sponsor
tonight. Thank you to my sponsors Hall’s Construction, Courtland Manor and
Remaxx ‘The Donna Watson Team’” It was the first photo op in victory lane with
new son Colton Lane Watson for the family.
Results: Jordan Watson 18, Robert Dutton 888, Joseph Watson 30, H J Bunting 85,
Shawn Ward 7W, Kevin Sockriter 55, Ryan Riddle 31, David Shirk 14S, Jordan
Justice 94, Carson Wright 91, Brandon Watkins 4W, Norman Short, Jr. 8, Kevin
Gardner 71, Howard O’Neal 09, DNF: Dwayne Crockett 99, Clay Tatman 2T, Matt
Hawkins 38, Kyle Fuller 68, Scott VanGorder 17

Donald Lingo, Jr. Missed Hot Laps But Didn’t Miss The Set Up To Win The S R

Pete & Sons Late Model Feature

Donald Lingo, Jr. attended his little sisters wedding this evening causing him to
miss hot laps and just getting there in time to join the end of the field for heat 2.
In the 20 lap feature Lingo would start 6 th. It was the “Wild Child” Amanda Whaley
who set the pace at the green with Mark Pettyjohn trying to make it his spot for
the lead at the first couple circuits. Whaley maintained the line to hold him off.
Lingo and Pettyjohn were putting on a show as who wanted second place more.
On lap 8 restart Pettyjohn and Lingo touched off turn 4 with Lingo trying to swept
up second but Pettyjohn held his line just as the yellow waves for Kellie Lewis
coming to a stop just past turn2. Once again on the restart the two would rub on
each other on turn 4 causing Pettyjohn to loose some positions. Lap 12 Lingo and
Whaley were dead eye even until Pettyjohn rolls to a stop in turn 4. Whaley
would use the high side while Lingo used the inside line in the turns. Lap 18 the
two were once again even in turns 1 & 2. But the final lap off turn 4 Lingo would
just edge out to claim victory. The heats were won by Kevin Scott, Jr. and Whaley
who turned the fastest lap at 92.836 mph. During the heats in lap 6 Deese car
caught fire. He either had a back up car or changed motors to be in the feature
which I wasn’t able to clarify which, but he started 9 th in the main event.
Lingo in victory lane states “I missed hot laps cause my little sister got married
tonight. Luckily it was just down the road from here. I had her blessing to race
tonight so that made it good. I would like to say we lost a good friend a few weeks
ago and I want to dedicate this win to him, Gordia Warrington. I had not got a win
to do that for him. He meant a lot to us and our team and he will be missed.
Thank you to my sponsors Pizza Palace, Atkins Masonry, Lingo Marie, Inc., Don’s
Tackle Shop and Ralph’s Autocenter.”
Results: Donald Lingo, Jr. 55L, Amanda Whaley 4, Kevin Scott, Jr. 12K, Roy Deese,
Jr. 05, Herb Tunis 5, Mark Pettyjohn 8Ball, Dylan Evans 80, David Dill, Jr. 24, JT
McLanigan 31M, Bob Geiger 38, DNF: Kellie Lewis 88

Jeff Geiges Wins The Delaware Auto Mid Atlantic Sprint Series First Appearance

To Delmar This Season

Jeff Geiges would start the 305 sprint 6 th in the feature and turn the fastest lap of
the nite with a 18.508 sec. and 97.255 mph speed. Larry McVay would start on
the point at the green and go tow to tow with Dave Brown until a yellow was out
with just one lap in. On the restart the field would go single file on lap 2 and
Geiges would claim the two spot. On a restart McVay and Geiges drag race down
the back stretch on lap 4. On lap 6 they were wheel to wheel down the front
stretch but McVay could pull ahead each time in the turns. But on lap 11 Geiges
takes the lead. At halfway Geiges leads McVay, Dave Brown, Andy Best and Logan
Diehl for the top 5. Lap 20 Geiges and Brown would switch back and forth but
Geiges makes the pass good by lap 21. Three heats were held for the 21 car field
with Eddie Wagner, Diehl and Geiges the winners.
Geiges climbs out of his Stellitano Heating & Air sprint to hollar “Yeah” in victory
lane. “I really wanted that win tonight. Its my third time here and I love the track.
The top side was really fast. Thank you to the fans for waiting it out. Thanks to my
wife Lindsey.
Results: Jeff Geiges 77J, Dave Brown 44, Larry McVay 83, Logan Diehl 94D, Joe
Haegele 61, Tim Tanner 18, Andy Best 2, Eddie Wagner 70, Rick Steif 9S, Tyler
Brehm 73, Don Melair 55, Ricky DiEva 85, Tom Carberry 1, Scott Frack 39X, Bryant
Davis 15B, Jason Dunn 21J, David Bonner 57V, Dave Graver 51, Josh Bricker X,
Marie McVay 38, DNF: Keith Anderson 17C

Scott Hiitchens Returns To Victory Lane For First Time In 2019 In The A C Delco

15 Lap Feature

Jammin James Hill started on the pole in the feature and proved he that he’s a
contender in this class after transitioning from the Modified Lite class to the crate
motor division for this season. Hill and Hitchens were even in lap 12 and Hill
would hold the lead until lap 13 when Hitchens took the lead at the flag stand.
Tom Moore, Jr. gave Hill a run on the final lap all the way to the flag stand but Hill
just did edge out to keep second. Heats were won by Greg Humlhanz and Hill.
Hitchens climbs out of the Millville Barbara Shop # 65 and stands on the roof with
excitement for the win. Announcer Cody Belote tells Hitchens “You went from 8 th
to 1 st and your first win of the season.” Hitchens replied “I kept waiting for Hill to
mess up. He was using the soft stuff on the bottom and I finally got to get by him.
It feels nice to be back in victory lane again. Thanks to Brandon Blades, Papa B,
Dad, Blake Wright, and Millville Barbara Shop.”
Results: Scott Hitchens 65, James Hill 1, Tom Moore, Jr. 59, Adam White 15, Trent
Willey 17T, Michael White 43, Greg Humlhanz 10, Sean Metz 05, David Jenkins 09,
Danny Smack 25, Freddy Massey 32M, Paul Griffin, Jr. 652, Jeff Marker 18, Gary
Langenstein 78, Rocky Whitley 981, Matt Smith 97, DNF: Westley Smith 98, Brian
Hitz 32H, DNS: Tommy Wilkins 5, Jeff Brown 9B

Sparky White Picks Up The Rush Crate Model Win Tonight
Matt Hill started on the point at the drop of the green, but in turn 2 Hills gets
loose or backs out while White took the lead. Hill recovered to stay second. The
caution was out with Joe Warren in turn 3. Lap 5 Tyler Reed takes the lead but on
lap 6 White takes it back. Lap 7 Warren returned to the track. It would be a green
white checkered finish with White maintaining his lead.
White said in victory lane that with one lap to go, I didn’t know if I would keep it.
We made some adjustments that seem to be working out now. Thanks to my wife
and family, Tom & Debbie Elliott, Smooth Finish Painting and Drywall, Job site

Pumping, and Christopher Moorefield for always being there when we ask for
Results: Sparky White 16, Tyler Reed 49, Matt Hill 84, Derek Magee 96, Geoff
Carey X, Ben Scott 80, Dana Walker 33, Trevor Collins 11C, Mike Wharton 100, Joe
Pete 8, Jason Dean 7, Brandon Sturgis 91, DNF: Joe Warren 11, Brian Coe, Jr. 92J

Ray Gulliver Brings The V75 To Victory Lane For First Time This Season
Jake Nelson began on the pole and seemed to be strong contender in the Mod
Lite race. Nelson lead up to lap 7 when Jerry Barker took over the front coming
out of turn 4 on lap 8. But on lap 9 while leading Barker gets around in turn 4. On
the restart Nelson was back up front. When the cars reached turns 1 & 2 Jason,
Musser and Nelson make contact shooting for the inside line. Nelson gets up and
over barrel rolling a few times after getting over their wheels. Both drivers were
okay. On lap 10 restart Gulliver was the new leader.
Results: Ray Gulliver V75, Tim White 16, Donnie Spicer 91, Aaron VanVorst 4, Jerry
Barker 51, Brian Gladden 94, Kirk Miles 21, Caleb Sturgis 10C, Wesley Smack 25,
Kyle Hathaway 686, DNF: Jake Nelson 21X, Jason Musser 52, Kenny Ayres 5