Jo Jo Watson Claims Back To Back Wins In HAS Big Block Modified On Elliott Farms Nigh

Jo Jo Watson Claims Back To Back Wins In HAS Big Block Modified On Elliott Farms Nigh

June 8, 2019, by Bonnie Nibblett

Delmar, De…… It was a weird and wild night at the Delaware International Speedway that saw a delay in the start of the race after track crews were unable to successfully dry the racing surface until just after 8 pm. However, once the grounds had dried it was Jo Jo Watson that would go on to claim another win at the Delaware International Speedway. Watson’s win in the the HAS Big Block Modifieds on the Dave & Lou White Memorial Night presented by Elliott Farm, would make it back to back wins for the 30 team. The Watson Boys finished 1-2 for second week in row as well to make it a winning night for the family.

Carson Wright would start on the pole at the green with Jordan Watson taking the lead but Wright would battle right back to reclaim the lead, but then the yellow waves for Bobby Watkins and Shawn Ward out of turn 2. On the restart the Watson Boys drag race down the backstretch for second position until the caution waves for HJ Bunting slowing in turn 2 and Bobby Watkins has a flat tire. Wright would continue riding the high line and hold his lead while Jo Jo grabbed second from Jordan with Bunting and Watkins returning to the field. On lap 7 the caution was back out for Watkins in turn 2, and the field would once again tighten up. Lap 10 would see Jo Jo take the lead with Jordan following right behind taking second. At halfway the Watson boys we’re 1-2, with Robert Dutton, Wright, and Jordn Justice rounding out the top 5. The battle continued to ensue between the brothers with Jordan gaining in the turns, but on the straightaway Jo Jo would pull it ahead to keep the lead. They continued the show of side by side and wheel to wheel exchanges to the end where Jo Jo would claim his second win in a row at DIS. Heats were won by Robert Dutton and Jordan Watson.

Results: Jo Jo Watson 30, Jordan Watson 18, Carson Wright 91, Matt Hawkins 38, Struttin Robert Dutton 888, Jordan Justice 94, Bobby Watkins 4, Brad Trice 33, Kevin Sockriter 55, Robbie Emory 9E, Ryan Riddle 31, DNF HJ Bunting 85, Scott VanGorder 17, Kyle Fuller 68, Shawn Ward 7W, Kevin Gardner 71, DNS David Shirk, Howard O’Neal 09, Clay Tatman 2T


Mark Pettyjohn Wins The S R Pete Super Late Model 20 Lap Feature For

Second Straight Week

The S R Pete super late model feature was quite exciting battle between heat winners Amanda Whaley and Donald Lingo, Jr. but ultimately Mark Pettyjohn would claim his second win in a row after disaster struck.

Donald Lingo. Jr. started on the point at the drop of the green in the feature with Whaley dead on his bumper on the start. Those two would pull away from the field in their own race. Meanwhile, the field was tight with Herb Tunis, Danny Synder, Roy Deese Jr, and Kevin Scott Jr battling for third off turn four. Whaley and Lingo put on a show with Whaley relentlessly not giving Lingo an inch, and the pair battling all over the three groove track. On lap six Kevin Scott Jr brought out the caution in turn 2, and the lead Lingo & Whaley had stretched would be erased. When racing returned to green flag action the battle would continue with Lingo and Whaley as the pair picked right up where they left off when the caution flew.

On the restart, Mark Pettyjohn was riding in fourth and would use his inside lane restart to grab third place as they came out of turn two. With a car length between Lingo and Whaley, Whaley just could not seem to find a line to get around the 55L machine. With 5 to go as they reached turns three and four, the leaders would come into the lap cars of Bob Geiger and Kellie Lewis. Lingo would setup on the middle groove with Amanda on the high side to try and round the lap car of Geiger, but just as the pair got set in turn four Lingo’s car began to come around and Whaley had no place to go but into the side of the 55L. Both drivers would come to a stop, the caution would fly, and the hair raising action between the two would end as they worked their way to the rear of the field. Shortly before the caution flew, Mark Pettyjohn had incurred damage to the front of his machine, and would duck into the infield to have the track crew check his car over and repair damage before the restart.

With Pettyjohn now the new leader the crowd would see a new top five of Herb Tunis, Danny Snyder, Roy Deese, Jr., and Dylan Evans.By lap 17 Lingo was able to work his way back up to 4th and Whaley was 7th.


However, Lady Luck would continue to ride with Pettyjohn’s he would remain the leader for the duration to take his second win in a row.

Results: Mark Pettyjohn 8Ball, Danny Synder 4S, Donald Lingo, Jr. 55L, Herb Tunis 5, Roy Deese, Jr. 05, Dylan Evans 80, Amanda Whaley 4, Rob Schirmer 118, Kellie Lewis 88, Bob Geiger 38, Kevin Scott, Jr. 12K, DNS Ross Robinson 7

Michael White Picked Up The AC Delco 15 Lap Feature Win

Michael White started on the pole and didn’t look back to win his first win of the season. Adam White started 8th but quickly was in battle with Dwayne Crockett for 3rd until Crockett rolls to stop just under the flag stand on lap 6. It would be a single file restart on lap 10 after Sean Metz brought out the yellow. Another caution would ensue shortly after that had Matt Smith facing the wrong way just after turn 2. James Hill and Adam White would race side by side but Adam would hold second. Danny Smack made an impressive run to 4th after staring 11th.

Heats were won by James Hill, Matt Smith, and Greg Humlhanz. Hill was DQ after the feature for wrong rev limiter setting.

Results: Michael White 43, Adam White 15, Scott Hitchens 65, Danny Smack 25, Greg Humlhaz 10, Tom Moore, Jr 59, Trent Willey 17T, Jeff Brown 09, Freddy Massey 32M, Jordan Long 51, Tommy Wilkins 5, Paul Griffin, Jr. 652, Sean Metz 05, Jeff Marker 18, Rocky Whitley 981, Gary Langenstein 78, David Jenkins 09, DNF: Matt Smith 97, George Richardson 42, Westley Smith 98, Dwayne Crockett 1RX, Ricky Schafer 32H, DQ James Hill 1.

The “Thrill Show” Outlasts The Field To Win The RUSH Crate Model Qualifer

Matt Hill would take the lead at the start of the race from pole sitter Derek Magee, and never look back on his way to victory. However, Hill was not able to do so without some distraction as the caution was out on


lap two when Nick Davis, Jason Dean, and Brandon Sturgis came together with Sturgis landing on top of the inside retaining wall. On the restart Sparky White would claim second from Magee, and begin his pursuit of Hill. On lap eight, Mother Nature would work her way into the night by spreading a few raindrops on the track causing a five minute delay. At half way it was Hill, White, Magee, Tyler Reed, and Joe Warren. On Lap 18, rookie Brandon Oakley would get around in turn four, collecting Jason Dean who had no where to go ending their night. Heats were won by Magee and Hill.

Results: Matt Hill 84, Sparky White 16, Derek Magee 96, Tyler Reed 49, Joe Warren 11, Kerry King, Jr. 42, Trevor Collins 11C, Ben Scott USA1, Ben Bowie 5, Robert Smith 01, DNF: Brandon Oakley 11B, Jason Dean 7, Geoff Carey X, Mike Wharton 100, Brian Coe, Jr. 92J, Nick Davis 92. Brandon Sturgis 91, DNS: Jordan Kaufman 15, Dana Walker 33.

Jason Musser Takes Home His 2nd Mod Lite Win of 2019

Aaron VanVorst put on a good show pacing the field until lap 11 when Jason Musser would get by VanVorst for the lead. The caution would wave on lap one when Jerry Barker slowed in turn two in what would end his night with a broken rear. On lap eight as the leaders reached turn three Ray Gulliver would get around to bring out the caution. After the caution, Tim White would move by VanVorst for second and begin to chase down Musser. Musser however would hold a strong line to win the feature. Heats were won by VanVorst and Barker.

Results: Jason Musser 52, Tim White 16, Donnie Spicer 91, Aaron VanVorst 4, Curt Miles, Jr. 21JR, Brian Gladden 94, Morghan Johnson 1, Westly smack 25, Kyle Hathaway 686, DNF: Ray Gulliver V75, Jake Nelson 21X, Jerry Barker 51, DNS: Kenny Ayres 5, Kirk Miles 21.

The Vintage and Little Lincoln’s cars made an appearance on Elliott Farms Sponsor Nite.


Kelly Putz started on the pole at the start but it was Rob Schirmer who started 8th that would take the checkered in the end. Sportsman winner was Art Workman who was very happy to win the sportsman class.

Mel Joseph, Jr. making his first show of the year in the Little Lincoln would take the win. Westley Smack made his first show in a beautiful black and white old 50s style Lincoln. TJ Henry filled in for Ryan Walsen no. 9 tonight.

Results Vintage: CJ Schirmer 23, Kelly Putz 59, Robert Pacz 38, Jamie Schumer 15, Art Workman 30 (sportsman), Harold Sylvester 04, Justin Schuttie 71, Dave Schamp 304, DNF: Dave Tucker 71, Pete Morris 5, DJ Cameron 26, Robert Blann 77, Charlie Moore 7, DNS: Todd Miller 28.

Results Little Lincoln: Mel Joseph, Jr. 49, Jordan Herbert 47, Sean Smith 73, T J Henry 9, Westley Smack 25, Scott Calhoun 6, Bryan Piercy 55, A J Mitchell, Kirk Lawson X, Matt White 16, Wayne Seaton 71, Todd Sammons 15, Bunky White 18.