By Chad Cathell


It was a beautiful night for the 47th running of the Camp Barnes Benefit race at Delaware International Speedway! A field highlighted by 30 Big & Small Block Modifieds, 25 602 Sportsman, 21 RUSH Crate Late Models, as well as Super Late Models, Modified Lites, Little Lincolns, and Delaware Super Trucks were on hand to put on what would be another thrilling event. The Camp Barnes Benefit race is the main form of fundraising for the Delaware State Police, all proceeds go directly to benefit Camp Barnes. Camp Barnes is owned and operated by the Delaware State Police. Because of the money raised at this event, children ages 10 to 13 are eligible to attend Camp Barnes at no cost to their parents or guardian.


“Nitro” Nick Davis Rim Rides his way to Victory Lane in the SR Pete & Sons Super Late Models


In the S.R. Pete & Son’s Super Late Model’s 25 lap feature event it was Kevin Scott Jr leading the field to the green flag, but it wasn’t long before the pressure was on from Austin Hubbard on the low side and Nick Davis up on the high side with Davis taking the lead on lap three. Davis notoriously loves the high groove and that is just what was working for him as the laps clicked away. Davis stretched out to a comfortable lead, but the lap car of Kerry King Sr quickly diminished that lead for the driver out of Gumboro, Delaware and it was none other than“McSling” himself Austin Hubbard that closed in on Davis quick and in a hurry as Davis tried to find a way around the K&B machine of King. Ten to go and Hubbard is searching for a groove to get around Davis, he shows him a nose in three and four on lap 16, but Davis is unphased, keeping the Davis Trucking machine hammered down on the top side and holding on to the top position. Five to go, and it’s a two man race between Davis and Hubbard as the laps click away, lap traffic is up ahead, but would it come into play before the checkered flag flew was the question on everyone’s mind. Delaware International starter Keith Mitchell throws up the two to go sign, and Davis has closed in on lap traffic, but is also stretching his lead out, Davis works his way around the lap car of Kellie Lewis, grabs the white flag and is on his way to victory. Hubbard would be able to do nothing but watch as Davis drove off into the sunset and grabbed the $3,000 pay day!


Heats were won by Robbie Emory and Austin Hubbard


Feature Finish – 1. Nick Davis 2. Austin Hubbard 3. Donald Lingo Jr 4. Ross Robinson 5. Mark Pettyjohn 6. Danny Snyder 7. Kevin Scott Jr 8. Herb Tunis 9. Kerry King Sr 10. Kellie Lewis 11. Bob Geiger


DNF – Amanda Whaley, Robbie Emory, Darryl Hills


Brandon Grosso Stuns The Field To Grab $3,000 Pay Day at Camp Barnes Benefit Race


Anthony Perrego had only one misfortune to start his night and that was a flat tire in hot laps after setting fast time of the session. Luck would be on his side again as he was the fastest lap time out of the three heat race winners, setting him on the pole for $3,000 to win 25 lap feature event for the Modified’s. A quick caution would fly on lap one, but the field would gather up quickly and go back to racing action until the yellow flew again on lap 5 for the slowed machine of Kyle Fuller that had suffered a flat right rear tire. Cautions would breed cautions as multiple cars got around on the lap five restart, causing the field to once again tighten up. Once green flag racing resumed Perrego went back to work with Richie Pratt Jr battling Joseph Watson for the second position. On lap nine the caution would once again fly, this time for debris on the front straightaway, and that debris would prove to be the only thing that could slow Anthony Perrego, as it cut down the left rear tire on the Gary Simpson owned machine. Perrego would work his way to the pits and the crew was able to change the tire in time for him to take the ensuing green flag. Pratt would take over the lead after Perrego ducked into the pits, but the laps that followed would not be easy as Craig VonDohren and Brandon Grosso had worked their ways into the second and third position. CVD and Grosso battled side by side from lap 10 until lap 14 when Grossograbbed the position, and local Jordan Watson began knocking on the back door of VonDohren. Grosso, who started back in the eighth position, used the groove he found battling with VonDohren to quickly make up ground on Pratt Jr, and on lap 17 dropped to the inside of the 51 machine to grab the led away. Once out front, nothing would slow down the hard charging Grosso Homes machine as he weeded his way through the lap traffic ahead of him on his way to grabbing the prestigious Camp Barnes victory and the $3,000 supersized check!


Heats were won by Anthony Perrego, Craig VonDohren, and Ryan Watt


Feature Finish – 1. Brandon Grosso 2. Craig VonDohren 3. Jordan Watson 4. Richie Pratt Jr 5. Joseph Watson 6. Ryan Watt 7. Rick Laubach 8. Matt Hawkins 9. Brad Trice 10. Robbie Emory 11. HJ Bunting 12. Kevin Sockriter 13. Anthony Perrego 14. Brett Ballard 15. Scott VanGorder 16. Ryan Krachun 17. Howard O’Neal 18. David Shirk 19. Shawn Ward 20. Ryan Riddle 21. Kyle Fuller 22. Ron Roberts


DNF – Carson Wright, Blaine Bracelin, Brian Hitz, Norman Short, Matt Stangle, Kevin Gardner

DNS – Jordn Justice, Wesley Smith


New Jersey’s Eric Kormann Invades Delaware To Capture 602 Sportsman Title


​Eric Kormann took advantage of his P1 starting position in the 15 lap 602 Sportsman Feature event by shooting out to a quick and sizable margin. Kormann’s lead would not last for long as Freddy Massey and Trent VanVorst made contact on lap four to bring out the caution. The red flag would fly on lap five after what appeared to be a tragic wreck for Brad Trice, fortunately Trice walked away unscathed, but Trice’s machine suffered significant damage and was done for the night. After the restart Kormann picked up where he left off, and the battle was on for the second position between Scott Hitchens and James Hill with Hitchens coming out on top. However, the night was meant to belong to Kormann as he would go on to lead the rest of the way and pick up the big win on the night.


Heats were James Hill, Dwayne Crockett and Scott Hitchens


Feature Finish – 1. Eric Kormann 2. Scott Hitchens 3. Adam White 4. James Hill 5. Joe Toth 6. Jordan Watson 7. Dwayne Crockett 8. Michael White 9. Trent VanVorst 10. Matt Smith 11. Brandon Watkins 12. Greg Humlhanz 13. Trent Willey 14. Jordan Long 15. John Stevenson 16. Justin Grosso 17. Paul Griffin Jr


DNF – Jeff Brown, Brad Trice, Freddy Massey, Ethan Simpson, Jeff Marker, Tom Moore Jr,

DNS – Matthew Peck, Sean Metz


Smooth and Steady Wins The Race for Sparky White at the Camp Barnes Benefit Race


​Delmar’s Sparky White would lead the field to the green in the 15 lap RUSH Crate Late Model event, but would have several elite competitors fighting for positions as the feature event got under way. The race wouldn’t go long before the first yellow of the night as Wes Clifton got around in turns three and four. The green flag would fly again, and White would go back to work, stretching out a comfortable lead until lap 10. On lap 10, lap traffic would become a factor as White struggled to get around the lap car of Robert Smith, allowing for the machines of Joe Warren, Amanda Whaley, and Matt Hill to play catchup and cut into White’s lead. White would eventually get clear of the 01 machine of Smith, and begin to stretch his lead back out, but Smith would cause trouble for White again as his machine rolled to a stop atop of turn number four bringing out the second caution of the night on lap 13. The field would tighten back up and white would lead them back to the green, the white, and then checkered, picking up a big win for him and his Elliott Farm machine at the Camp Barne’s Benefit race!


Heats were won by Amanda Whaley, Ross Robinson, and Matt Hill 


Feature Finish – 1. Sparky White 2. Joe Warren 3. Amanda Whaley 4. Matt Hill 5. Jacob Piper 6. Jason Dean 7. Brandon Sturgis 8. Mike Wharton 9. Billy Thompson 10. Ross Robinson 11. Kerry King Sr 12. Charles Shawver 13. Nick Davis 14. Trevor Collins 15. Geoff Carey 16. Wes Clifton 17. Jonathan Raley 18. Ben Scott 19. Joe Pete 20. Robert Smith


DNF – Derek Magee


Tim White wheels his way to victory in Modified Lites at the Camp Barnes Benefit Race


​Jerry Barker would bring the Modified Lite field to the green for their 15 lap feature event, and although it was his backup car he got out to a quick and comfortable lead as soon as the green flag dropped. Donnie Spicer brought out the caution on lap four to tighten the field back up, but once the green flag dropped Barker quickly went back to work. Veteran Tim White would put the pressure on going down the back straightaway during the restart, and grabbed the lead as they went into turns three and four. Barker would not give up easily as he kept the pressure on White for the next couple of laps until Donnie Spicer and Kyle Hathaway got around on lap six. On the restart it was Brandon Sturgis and Ray Gulliver would put the pressure on Barker for the second position with Sturgis coming out on top. At the halfway sign the top five was White, Sturgis, Barker, Gulliver and Jake Nelson. After a tough side by side battle with Sturgis, Barker got around in turns one and two on lap nine.White would take another flawless restart after the Barker caution and would not look back as he went on to lead until the checkers flew for the feature win.


Feature Finish – 1. Tim White 2. Brandon Sturgis 3. Jake Nelson 4. Ray Gulliver 5. Curt Miles Jr. 6. Jerry Barker 7. Brian Gladden 8. Wesley Smack 9. Caleb Sturgis 10. Kyle Hathaway 11. Donnie Spicer


DNF – Kirk Miles


Matt White completes the “White Sweep” and takes Super Truck Title at Camp Barnes


​Rounding out the Camp Barnes Benefit race were the feature events of the Little Lincolns and the Delaware Super Trucks. Mel Joseph Jr looked to be unstoppable, but after some contact with Matt White, Joseph was facing the wrong way in turn four and would have to go to the rear. However, Joseph wouldn’t let it deter him from being out front as he quickly worked his way back into second in under two laps. However, it was a “White-Out” as Matt White made it 3 for 3 for the White family on the night! In the Delaware Super Trucks it was an old face returning to a familiar place as Billy Cropper Jr hopped back behind the wheel and went on to pick up the Delaware Super Truck title on Camp Barnes night at the races.


Little Lincoln Feature Finish – 1. Matt White 2. TJ Henry 3. Mel Joseph Jr. 4. Jordan Herbert 5. Todd Sammons 6. Wayne Seaton 7. AJ Mitchell 8. Bryan Piercy 9. John Wothers 10. Bunky White 11. Kirk Lawson 12. Scott Calhoun


Delaware Super Trucks Feature Finish – 1. Billy Cropper 2. Robert Smith 3. Matt Esham 4. Kirk Miles Sr. 5. Ryan Efford 6. Dale Elliott 7. Ronnie Holloway 8. Curt Miles Jr. 9. Bill Dean 10. Dick Beauchamp 11. Tim Quay 12. Driver Name Not On File 13. David Smith 14. Jerry Hill 15. Robert Reed 16. Billy Lockwood