Breaking News!

Breaking News!


The racers have spoken and we have listened! For many years the Delaware International Speedway (DIS) has used a points average system to set the handicap for driver lineups in Heat & Feature events, but as of Saturday June 8th, this will be a thing of the past! Many drivers have expressed their feeling of wanting a new way for handicapping lineups, and track owner, Charlie Cathell has decided after two races in the 2019 season that the time has come for change.

Starting Saturday, June 8th, drivers will continue to use the points average handicap for heat races only. Feature events will now see the Top 2 finishers from all heat races entering a position redraw, while all remaining positions will start heads up, based on fastest lap time, by position, per heat race.

When asked about his decision track owner Charles Cathell stated, “Drivers satisfaction is always a top concern at DIS, and after discussions with many drivers & car owners I believe this will help to increase morale within the pits, and increase competition across all levels.”

If you have any questions or concerns about the changes to starting & qualifying procedures, please contact our office at 302-846-3911