Barker Teleports To Dominate Win In Modified Lites !!

Barker Teleports To Dominate Win In Modified Lites !!

Barker Teleports To Dominate Win In Modified Lites 

Jerry Barker and Ray Gulliver would get the night started for the Modified Lites by diving into turns one and two as the leaders and quickly pulled away from the rest of the field. Gulliver who had the fastest lap time through the first third of the feature jumped out past Barker on lap two, but Barker was sure to not let Gulliver get too far out of his sights and try to keep him within striking distance. The field would stay under green as the laps clicked away with Gulliver, Barker, Curt Miles Jr, Jason Musser, and Kenny Ayres running as the top five at the halfway sign. The first caution of the night would fly on lap nine when Ryan Charland and Kenny Ayres made contact and came to a stop in turns one and two. Cautions would breed cautions and multiple laps would be stop and go, but on the last and final restart Barker would dive to the inside of Gulliver as they passed the flag stand and held onto the lead for the final lap and picked up the 15 Lap Modified Lite feature event! 

Finish : 1. Jerry Barker 2. Ray Gulliver 3. Jason Musser 4. Jake Nelson 5. Donnie Spicer 6. Kyler LeCates 7. Brian Gladden 8. Caleb Sturgis 9. Wesley Smack 10. Kyle Hathaway 

DNF – Kirk Miles, Rick Wheatley, Tim White, Kenny Ayres, Ryan Charland, Curt Miles Jr

“The Rocket” Un-Retires and Battles Watson in Delaware Big Block Thriller

It was the Veteran and infamous “Quiet Riot” HJ Bunting that brought the Hurlock Auto & Speed Big Block Modifieds to the green for their 25 Lap Feature event on Saturday Night. Bunting would jet out to a small lead, but immediately felt pressure from the hottest driver in the Northeast, Jordan Watson. Watson, would make quick work of Bunting, and looked to check out again as he has so many times this year, but the envious yellow flag would fly from “honorary” flagman of the night, ESPN & FS1 announcer, Fabian Brown when Craig Moore was facing the wrong direction in turn four. The field would gather itself back together, and once green flag action returned Watson began to check out. The best battle throughout the field would be for the third spot between recent “retiree” “The Rocket” Ricky Elliott and “Struttin” Robert Dutton. Elliott would work his way past Dutton, and just as they past the flag stand the 2T of Clay Tatman came to a stop in turn four bringing out the caution once again. The field would once again tighten up, and this time Elliott and Bunting would stay close to Watson when they returned to green flag action. Elliott would battle with Bunting and worked his way into the second position on lap 14, and would begin to real in Watson until the caution flag once again flew on lap 15 for the collision of Clay Tatman and Jordn Justice. It was 10 to go when the field came back under green, and Watson laid down on the loud pedal and tried his best to put distance between him and the 12K machine of Ricky Elliott. Elliott would fall back, but by lap 18 had worked his way back to Watson’s quarter panel. The pair would work side by side in all three grooves of the super fast and racy Charlie Cathell special surface, with Elliott working past Watson as they came off turn four on lap 20. However, the caution would fly for Brad Trice who had stopped on the back straightaway just as Elliott inherited the lead. It was five to go when Watson came past the flag stand, but “The Rocket” gave up no space on this restart, and they were nose to tail when they crossed for lap 21. Three to go and Elliott is searching for any real estate to work past Watson for the lead, but time was winding down. The Hot Shoe of Watson would continue to hold off Elliott for the remaining laps and grabbed another checkered flag and gave the fans one of the most exciting feature races of the 2019 season! 

Finish: 1. Jordan Watson 2. Ricky Elliott 3. Kevin Sockriter 4. HJ Bunting 5. Robert Dutton 6. Joseph Watson 7. Carson Wright 8. Bobby Watkins 9. Brad Trice 10. Scott VanGorder 11. Ryan Riddle 12. Westley Smith 

DNF – Robbie Emory, Clay Tatman, Jordn Justice, Craig Moore, Jeremy Harrington,

DNS – Kyle Fuller, Howard O’Neal, Matt Hawkins

“The Wild Child” Goes For It All and Captures Win and Title in Super Late Models

Herb Tunis was fast from the minute he unloaded at Delaware International on Saturday night, and he would continue his quick ways when he lead the S.R. Pete & Sons Super Late Models to the green flag for their 20 lap feature event. Tunis would begin pulling away and running down lap traffic by lap five and it was Roy Deese Jr in tow behind him when the lap traffic began to be an issue. Deese would stick a nose under Tunis when the pair tried to lap the 88k of Kellie Lewis, and disaster almost struck for the leaders when Lewis’ machine lost power at the same time. The field would regroup and Tunis & Deese Jr pulled away, but the fierce battle was for the third position between Kevin Scott Jr, Donald Lingo Jr, and Amanda Whaley. Whaley would sling her XR1 Rocket chassis down into turn three under the machine of Scott Jr and made it stick to grab the position just before the caution flag flew for the 24 of David Dill Jr. Whaley would work past the second place car of Roy Deese Jr on lap 10, but her momentum would once again slow when the caution flew on lap 11 as Nick Davis got around after contact with Mark Pettyjohn. On the restart it was Whaley who would work past the machine of Tunis with Tunis showing signs of trouble and eventually pulling in with smoke billowing from the machine on lap 15. Whaley would begin trying to stay smooth and steady once out front, but fear would always lerk in the back of her mind. The white flag flew and Whaley would continue to work through lap traffic as she came around for the checkered flag on the 20 lap SR Pete & Sons feature event and by doing so picked up the 2019 Championship by 10 points! 

Finish – 1. Amanda Whaley 2. Mark Pettyjohn 3. Donald Lingo Jr. 4. Roy Deese Jr. 5. Nick Davis 6. David Dill Jr. 7. Kellie Lewis 8. Bob Geiger 9. Kevin Scott Jr

DNF – Herb Tunis 

Andy Best Simply “The Best” In Mid Atlantic Sprints at DIS 


In their final appearance of the 2019 season at the Delaware International Speedway it was Andy Best that would lead the field to the green for the 25 lap feature event. Best, who set fast time throughout the night in Hot Laps and his Heat would again show his strength when the green flag dropped. Best would pull away, but his strength was cut short multiple times as cautions bred cautions during the entirety of the main event. As the field worked past the half way sign was Best, Jon Haegele, Doug Dodson, Tom Carberry, and Tim Tanner running as the top five and clicking laps away as green flag action continued to stretch the field out. The caution flag would once again rear its ugly head on lap 19 and would bring the field together one more time. However, no flag or competitor could slow down the speed demon that was Andy Best on Saturday night as he went on to pickup the main event win in the Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series. 

The feel good moment of the night was the return of local celebrity, CJ Faison, to the Mid-Atlantic Sprints series after being sidelined with severe concussion injuries during his 2018 campaign.

Finish – 1. Andy Best 2. Doug Dodson 3. Tim Tanner 4. Tom Carberry 5. Jeff Geiges 6. Jon Haegele 7. Ricky DiEva 8. CJ Fasion 9. Scott Frack 10. Larry McVay 11. Eddie Wagner 12. Josh Bricker 13. Keith Anderson 14. Dan Leaper

DNF – Dave Graver, Dom Melair, Reid Mitchell, David Bonner

Derek Magee Flawless In RUSH Crate Late Model Victory 

Derek Magee would pace the RUSH Crate Late Model field to the green for their 15 lap feature event on Saturday night, and he would be tough to slow down from there. Magee would quickly set fast time of the feature, but would be slowed down as the caution flew in the early going. The field would come back together, but this time Magee would not stretch out to as commanding of a lead as Trevor Collins began to real in the 96 machine. After feeling the pressure from Collins, Magee would tighten down on his line and begin to pick his speed back up, and by doing so stretched his lead back out to a comfortable margin over Collins. The caution would fly with 5 to go, and the field would go single file for the ensuing restart. Magee would again stretch out a comfortable lead, and with two to go it was Magee, Collins, Sparky White, Joe Warren, and Ben Scott rounding out the top five. Magee however would hold on, have no issues, and go on to grab the win in the main event. 

Finish – 1. Derek Magee 2. Trevor Collins 3. Sparky White 4. Joe Warren 5. Ben Scott 6. Brandon Sturgis 7. Mike Wharton 8. Billy Thompson 9. Kerry King Jr 10. Kerry King 11. Jason Dean 

DNF – Tyler Reed, Geoff Carey 

Hitchens On Top Again In Delaware AC Delco Modifieds 

To say Scott Hitchens’ 2019 season has been a success would be an understatement, and that trend continued on Saturday night. Hitchens would start in the second position behind pole sitter, Danny Smack, and would not take long to make his way to the top position. Hitchens’ was on top by lap three, and once there it was nothing but smooth sailing for the 2019 AC Delco PSC Modified Champion. Adam White, would start in the fourth position, and after dropping back a spot for a couple laps made his charge to the second position by the halfway sign after battling with his Dad, Mike White for the position. Adam would try to close in on Hitchens’ for the lead, but as previously mentioned, it was nothing but smooth sailing for Hitchens on Saturday night as he closed out his championship campaign with another notch in his win belt for the year. 

Finish – 1. Scott Hitchens 2. Adam White 3. Mike White 4. Trent Willey 5. Danny Smack 6. David Jenkins 7. Freddy Massey 8. Dwayne Crockett 9. George Richardson 

DNF – James Hill, Matt Smith, Jeff Marker

DNS – Greg Humlhanz, John Stevenson