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2024 DIS Season Opener 4/27/24



6/28-6/20/24 and 8/2-8/4/24

2024 WDRA Advanced Tech Inspections at US 13 Dragway


US 13 Dragway

2024 WDRA Advanced Tech Inspections at US 13 Dragway

Delmar, DE -

US 13 Dragway will utilize the WDRA R.A.C.E. program offered to WDRA member tracks and WDRA racing members as an aid to streamlining and creating an efficiency for those regular customers who race in the points program with the same vehicle throughout the season.

The program requires an initial inspection that is more detailed than the normal weekly inspection. The R.A.C.E. is not a replacement to using the standard waiver and release system, however, it is a program designed to be a benefit not only to the tech process and to the regular weekly WDRA racing members.

The WDRA members who complete the R.A.C.E. program will get to bypass the tech line and simply present their certification paperwork to the track’s tech officials once their initial R.A.C.E. has been completed.

Racer Eligibility
• WDRA membership and license is mandatory to participate in the R.A.C.E. program.
• The racer has to present the R.A.C.E. inspection certification record to the tech official prior to competition.
• If multiple drivers utilize the same vehicle, each driver must complete a R.A.C.E. registration form and be issued a separate R.A.C.E. decal.
• R.A.C.E. Inspections expire on December 31 of each year, provided the records are adhered to and the vehicle and related drivers' accessories remain in as inspected form. All SFI expiration dates must be enforced.
• If the vehicle is updated or altered, a new inspection must be performed with appropriate documentation and a new inspection decal put on the vehicle prior to competition.
• The R.A.C.E. certification may become invalid at any time should the vehicle or competitor violate the WDRA Rulebook regulations or R.A.C.E. program requirements.

Facility Requirements
• The inspection must be performed by a WDRA or track SFI certified inspector.
• Reporting must be submitted to WDRA with the racers license application if they are not already a member.
• Forms and appropriate decals must be ordered directly from the WDRA.
• Once inspection is complete the decal is to be placed in a prominent location on the vehicle The passenger side main hoop area of the roll bar or cage is the recommended area.
• All information must be printed on the form. The signature area is the only information that the inspector would not print.

The forms will be available at tech during the test and tune events and bracket points events. It will not be available during No Prep, No Time and Wednesday and FNSF events.

For more information, visit

Submitted By: Mark Cathell

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