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2024 DIS Season Opener 4/27/24



6/28-6/20/24 and 8/2-8/4/24

2024 US 13 Dragway Policies and Procedures


US 13 Dragway

2024 US 13 Dragway Policies and Procedures

Delmar, DE -

US 13 Dragway Management and 2024 Racer's Board met and have prepared the listed updated policies and procedures for release. Below are listed the areas of discussion to clarify for our racers to receive the most up to date understanding of how we will run bracket events in 2024. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to one of the Racer's Board members.

Spectator/crew or racer entry will be issued in credit. A wristband and/or Tech Card must be signed and dated with the amount of credit documented by authorized personnel. All wristbands, tech cards and credits must be used during the 2024 season. They will not be carried over into 2025.

Rainout policy:
Any event in which one round of all money classes have been completed, the event will be acknowledged as a compete event and no refunds or rain checks will be issued or honored from the event date. In the event of a rainout, spectators, crew members or driver wristbands must be kept in your possession to be used at a future event of an equal dollar value. The value of the band will be designated by the serial numbers on the band. Tech cards, if you turn in a tech card it will be held at the front gate for the next event or available date. Tech cards will also be valued by the date of the event used. They can be used for an event of greater value and the driver will be responsible for the difference in the entry fee cost.

Run Order:
All Bracket/WDRA events will follow the same run order in 2024, unless weather conditions, or unforeseen events take place for officials to announce a change in the schedule. Special events will issue special gate opening, run order and class designations pertaining to that event.

A. 2024 Bracket/WDRA EVENTS will consist of Friday night Test & Tune 6pm to 10 pm. Saturday will have one Time Run Session for each class, with eliminations to follow. Sunday will be only New Entry Time Runs with eliminations to follow.
B. Weekly run order for Bracket Series races only, will be as follows: Top ET, Pro Bike, Jr. Dragster, MOD ET, Sportsman and Teen Challenge. Schedule changes can be made in the event of weather or other situations out of the control of track management.
C. Race Pairing - 2 pairs back in line you are locked in, if your car doesn’t move or start, the 2-minute time clock begins.

Bye run:
Bye runs for all classes will be determined by the first, best reaction time, in time run or elimination rounds. In the event of a new entry only time run day, the previous days winner or runner up (if winner is a no show) will receive the first-round bye if one is available. If the winner and runner-up are not racing, we will pill draw in the front of the lanes using the first 10 pairs or maximum entries in the class. (Pills will be marked R1- R10 & L1 – L10) The first driver to the lanes will be responsible for pill draw. There is NO carryover of unused Bye Run.

Teen Challenge:
A. Teen challenge will run as they line up in lanes and best reaction has lane choice. Drivers must wear long pants, closed toe shoes, an adult 25 years old or older with a valid driver’s license must ride in the passenger seat with the teen driver.

Jr. Dragster:
AGE GROUPS - 6-11 yr old and 12-17 yr old

A. Jr. Dragsters will receive 1 time run on Saturday (see weekly run order above) and 1 time run on Sunday (10:30 am line up in lanes ready to go) for all WDRA and track points races.
B. Jr. Dragsters will run on a ladder, each round a new ladder will be issued to give drivers with the best reaction time eligibility for the next round bye or lane choice over their opponent. A new ladder will be issued for each round and a track official will pair all entries.
(See Buyback for explanation of Jr. Dragster division).

New for 2024 Buybacks:
There will not be a separate re-entry round, buybacks will be called first for round two and will run before round one winners. Once a last call has been given for buybacks, round one winner’s will be called to the lanes behind buyback entries. In the event one buyback entry is left, he/she will run the first winner in the opposing lane. (1st rd. winner will have lane choice.) In the event buybacks are in a single line, the first car will have lane choice. This will go for TOP, MOD and SPORTSMAN in 2024.

Pro Bike – Buybacks will also be called to the lane in front of round one winners for round number two, per age group. Buybacks will be paired in the lanes by reaction times. In the event one buyback entry is left, he/she will run the opponent from round 1 winner w/worst reaction from rd. one. Round two, there will be a ladder for all round one winners,

Jr. Dragster - Buybacks will also be called to the lane in front of round one winners for round number two, per age group. Buybacks will be paired in the lanes by reaction times. In the event one buyback entry is left, he/she will run the opponent from round 1 winner w/worst reaction from rd. one. Round two, there will be a ladder for all round one winners, We will utilize the Pro Style ladder: (Best reaction runs worst reaction. 6 cars – 1 runs 6, 2 runs 5 and 3 runs 4.)

LANE CHOICE - In TIME RUNS and ELIMINATIONS (A) any single lane of competitors remaining, the driver in front will have lane choice. (B) Once we are down to 16 cars or less in eliminations, pro ladder will be printed and lane choice will then be determined by best reaction time in the case of a single lane of competitors. When using multiple lanes, track officials will pull from the next available lane to give competitors their lane choice. When there are no more lanes available, article (A) or (B) will be enforced depending on where the race is at that point in time.

DIAL-IN - Make sure your dial-in is clearly visible on the passenger side window, right-side of a motorcycle and front windshields of both. All drivers are responsible for checking your dial-in before staging your vehicle. We have two places for you to see and verify your dial-in is correct. In the burn-out area, a dial-in board is located at the top of the center pavilion. Dial-ins will also be posted on the scoreboards located at the 1000’ mark. If you stage and accept your dial-in, the race is FINAL. Tower officials do a tremendous job to be certain your dial-in is correct, but they are also human, and mistakes can happen. Remember, IT IS YOUR RESONSIBILITY!

ATI – ADVANCE TECH INSPECTION - New for 2024, Advance Tech Inspection, this inspection will be done at the beginning of the year. You MUST bring your car through tech and a Tech Official will conduct a thorough inspection of your car or motorcycle. Once the Tech is complete and your car has passed, you will receive an ATI CARD with your Inspection number to be placed on your tech card. At future events all you will need to do is take your tech card to a tech inspector, they will sign off and turn in your card. If, for any reason, you bring a new car or bike to race, you must follow the same steps to compete at that event. ALL CARS OR BIKE MUST HAVE AN ATI NUMBER ASSOCIATED TO IT.

*ATI cards will identify the driver’s name, car make and model, WDRA license number, WDRA expiration date, Chassis Certification expiration date, safety belt expiration date, and helmet expiration date.
Race Inspection - All events, Track Tech Officials & Management have the authority to inspect any racer/vehicle they deem to possibly be using or have used illegal equipment for their advancement in competition. All races down to 8 cars/bikes or less can be inspected, all final round competitors are subject for a complete tear down in the track maintenance building following the final round. Officials will meet racer/racers on top end and will be taken directly to tear down. Any racer refusing will be disqualified and loss of all money and points for that event day. Any racer/racers who decline officials to inspect will be disqualified and lose all money and points for that event. Driver/owner will be the only persons present during tear down inspection.

STARTING LINE & STAGING - Staging duels or games will not be tolerated. The starting line official has the authority to disqualify anyone conducting this type of behavior. Any racer not following the direction of the starter will receive one warning and one warning only to stage. If no action is taken, the starter then has the right for disqualification of one or both drivers. This rule is for the respect of all the fellow racers and is our deepest concern, we are all here to race and enjoy the sport. Track management will support the decision of the starter, any racer displaying vulgar actions, outburst and/or threats to the starter or any track official will be grounds for suspension. Suspension will be applied according to the severity of the racer’s actions.

POINT SYSTEM - 2024 WDRA & U.S.13 DRAGWAY POINTS, will begin on Saturday, March 30, 2024. WDRA points will end on Sunday, August 18, 2024. The U.S.13 DRAGWAY Track Championship points will end on Sunday, November 3, 2024. (See website for illustration)

Drivers that double enter must run points number as first entry if signed up for WDRA points.

RACERS COMMITTEE MEMBERS - New for 2024, we have established a racers committee to help field questions, suggestions or concerns racers may have while attending events. These committee members will act as a liaison between track management and racers. Track management asks that racers seek out one of these individuals to help assist you. We have designated 3 members per division in efforts to make sure someone will be available. This does not mean management is unapproachable. This is to help answer questions quickly, and to keep our programs running smoothly.

Below, this year’s 2024 Racer Committee Members:
Top ET – Alex Bradford, Tripp Clough & Paul Riddle
Mod ET – Ben Garnett, Dave Keyton & Josh Phelps
Sportsman – Bill Bradford & Gary Stickles
Pro Bike – Mark Blake, James Farmer & Montrell Johnson
Jr. Dragster – Vic Gordy, Brandon Hazzard & Phillip Truitt

Submitted By: Mark Cathell

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